Fae Magic Do-Over

So as y'all saw in the +bbpost, we've been considering two changes for fae using their Whatever Magics.

1) You don't have to add just a Skill or a Stat to an Ability when using Minor (or assisted Major) magics, but can add a Stat -and- a Skill if both pertain.

2) If you screw up worse than your Skill+Stat+Ability+Power, it starts to prompt Drain.

The first was added due to someone feeling that the Whatever Magics weren't powerful enough, and the latter due to someone feeling that it was wrong for fae to get to try over and over again until they finally get it right.

Here's the tricky bit.. who's right? The first one, I've only had one person complain about since everyone else seems to get that the Whatever Magics aren't supposed to be a license for "Phenomenal Cosmic Powers (tm)" but instead are what your character can do that they aren't supposed to be able to do (Some water-fae merperson conjuring fire. Some dryad flying. Some critter-fae pooka making clockwork machinery). Although I'm loathe to change the system to fit one person (who may've just made bad limited choices in their Knacks, since those -are- the Phenomenal Cosmic Powers!), that one person seems pretty dead-set about it. Mind, the alpha were-thing who didn't take any preternatural "push-around" Abilities was also pretty dead-set about how the system was "bad" since they failed dismally when trying to preternaturally push folks around. But still...if it's just one person, maybe it's best if that one person just agreed it wasn't for them and ditched or re-did their character.

As for the second, I'd initially assumed most fae would just give up before too long, ICly distracted by something else or just ICly bored. But since I know of at least two instances of folks using a given ability over and over again (over a dozen times in a row) until it worked, that kind've shows my assumption was wrong.

If this were MerryVerse and y'all were Sidhe, I could see having the Whatever Magics be Phenomenal Cosmic Powers; What we're doing is trying to cover the slight hint of Fae in the AnitaVerse, while trying to keep the PC fae rather underpowered (except for the Knacks that they really shine with) with just Semi-Phenomenal, Nearly-Cosmic Powers for the most part.

Is it not bothering anyone else too much (at least, not enough to justify changing it for everyone, including folks who are fine with it), or are folks just keeping quiet about it?
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Seventh House Two-Guns!

You head down the stairs to the low-set patio. 

                          * You are still outdoors *                          

Seventh House Cafe: Outdoor Patio - Grand Street: East

        Coming down the stairs one finds themselves stepping onto a broad 
bricked patio. A green and gold awning affixed to the far wall shelters 
tables from both fair and foul weather. A grill provides space to cook, 
the food served is all vegetarian fare.
        The real attraction of the Seventh House Cafe is its teas and 
juices, however. Hippies, pagans, witches and Earth children of all makes 
come together to brew up potions that tantalize the mouth while providing 
all the natural goodness the body might desire. Six small tables are 
draped with colorful cloths and candles, each of these bearing a small 
bowl of fresh flowers taken from the nearby flower market. The walls here 
have been painted to resemble the Major Arcana, the ornate images of the 
tarot sending the mind toward an expansion of consciousness. Rumor has it, 
if one has the proper words, other things can be gotten in this place. 
Whether that is a foolish rumor or not remains known to only Ivanya 
        Towering white clouds drift slowly through the blue sky. It's hazy 
and hot, and the glare of the sun seems to drain the color from the 

                            * There are 'places' *                            
         * You are outside: < addcom wea=Weather > or check '+today' *          


Tarot Deck (visible)

Obvious exits:
Out < O >  Dutch Door < IN >

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A Gathering of Fae

Tue May 23 2006 Spring Midnight fair

The word spread, and while the notice given was short, Brynja did what she could to gather the Fae here. The condo has had the furniture moved around, so that chairs and the couch form a circle, room enough for likely more than will come. The blue haired woman stands by the opened door, waiting. Anxious, perhaps a touch She's no leader, after all.

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Mikkel asks Wyeth about his curse

(Yes, writing this as Daphnis, since there is no way I am making an LJ for each of my characters, I'd just forget them.)

Mikkel, as some of you know, has a rather nasty little curse. He spoke recently to Wyeth about it. I'm not going to post the whole log, but one of Wyeth's poses was particularly great:

The older man chuckles some what before saying. "My dear Mr. Vinderfødt, you are indeed fucked. What pray tell have you done to deserve such a fate? I assume you have not destroyed great works of art or taken laughter from a baby or some such thing?"

Ahh, how I love Mikkel's plot hooks.
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